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Make your data pay or else...

Over the years one thing that has been very common is nearly all of the businesses that I have worked with have talked a great deal about the importance of their data but not many of them have really focused on getting the right systems in place to make the best use of it.

This is normally for a variety of reasons ... some businesses don't really understand how to do it and where to go, others consider it not a strategic imperative & many don't have the money to invest into it & sadly a few just don't consider it important.

I happen to think that single fan / customer view is mission critical to crack for every business today ... our customers are now more connected than ever, are engaging with your business in ways you didn't think possible 12 months ago (maybe 3!) & frankly won't tolerate sloppy communications or a poor experience. There are too many other choices out there which they can find in a matter of seconds to replace you, so it's an extremely dangerous game to assume you either know more than them or worse think that you are doing everything brilliantly.

Done well & with the correct laser focused implementation strategy, having a single view of a fan or a customer or patient will change how you work forever, you won't look back, you will make more money because you will have a single view of your business allowing you to act faster & with more precision.

Imagine the possibilities ... for a retailer you will be able to serve content to your customers based on what they like before they know they like it based on their browsing and retail history ... for a sports rights owner, you will be able to send your fans beautifully created content with offers you know they love at the times of year they want it ... or if you are a sports trainer, you will be able to track an athletes performance and make changes to their training programmes way ahead of time because you know when they get injured historically.

I believe passionately that by understanding your businesses data, you will be able to create a completely different business experience, one that will make you miles more efficient & profitable and most importantly ensure that your customers will keep coming back for more time and time again.

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