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Updated: May 1, 2018

Once you have developed your brand and your overarching business strategy, you now need a lazor focused brandplan to get your story out there, to reach new customers and grow your business ... in the old days this used to be called marketing but I think that's rather an outdated word for something so transformational.

Here's is an overview of the process I go through with my clients to ensure that every campaign delivers on time and on budget.


In order to sell in the campaign you want to develop to internal stakeholders, financial teams and your board, you will need to describe what you want to achieve simply and easily on one page of A4 ... no waffle, the more prescriptive & succinct you can be about all aspects of the campaign the better.


These statements give your marketing activity real granular focus so that everything activated & every pound spent is done for the right reason and for maximum engagement & return. They need to be true, from the heart and backed up with data ... no wishy washy claims here!

1. Vision - what do you want to achieve in words ... e.g "to become the No 1 brand in my category in the next 12 months hitting revenues of £20M"

2. Purpose - how are you going to do it - NPD, range expansion, new stores etc

3. Big Idea - e.g "we make eating pulses and grains easy"

4. Promise - e.g "all our products are innovative, healthy and convenient"

5. Strategy - e.g "focus on trial, once people taste it they will love it"

6. Story - e.g "we've done it for years and are already trusted by millions to deliver it"

7. Experience - e.g "our products taste great, you wouldnt believe they were so healthy

8. Values - e.g "Proactive health, delicious tastes, aggressive growth, innovative & convenient

9. Goals - e.g "Drive up frequency of purchase to +4, increase penetration & awareness & introduce 10 new products to market


This is how we are actually going to activate your brand ... the key things required to build your brand and get new customers and current ones spending more and talking animatedly about your business.

1. Drive Usage - Website overhaul, new Menu's & recipes, Launch Cook Book, Update pack design

2. Attract New Users - develop new brand partnerships, introduce 2 new ranges

3. Raise awareness - Sponsor a sports team, experiential tour, new social media campaign, PR, Influencers, Media Partnerships & OOH

4. Drive new distribution - maximise distribution in key mults, Launch NPD with 1 retail partner, achieve new listings for NPD, develop new retail partnerships, get 10,000 C store listings

5. Defence Plan - aggressive promotional plan, instore POS, sampling & advertising

See - Believe - Try - Buy

This is our strategic overview for the campaign, its what we want your customers to do, its the process and the response we want them to have, we need to link each statement to some action so we can measure it ... what are we going to do to get people to believe and engage in the business throughout the duration of the campaign

Multi Channel marketing overview
Content laydown and measurement criteria


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